Go For Splendid Candid Photos

Those who have practiced photography for a long time know that the best shot is always the random shot.  Your subject is not doing anything special or in a pose, but a human’s most natural activities can look the best if you are doing it right.  When your friends get together and relax a random shout of ‘cheese!’ and taking a shot in the next split second can get your some great memorable photos for all to laugh or admirations.

i.                     Flash can dash all the niceties

When you use a flash, other than people seeing and demanding the photo be deleted, it can ruin exposure and balanced effects. Go for a wider aperture setting and a higher ISO level and skip the flash on your camera for a great candid photo. While it will not be the best picture for your corporate portrait photography Melbourne it will serve the purpose to be hung on your living room.

ii.                   Camera shall not be missing

One of the greatest things about new technology and camera phones is the portability and convenience of it. While a DSLR camera photo will no doubt give the picture the best quality it deserves, most of the camera phones nowadays have great zoom capabilities and balances. People do not wait for you if they are unaware of your hidden cameras, so take your camera all the places to have it ready for that perfect moment.

iii.                  Position, angle and location

Although we laugh at all those memes on weird photo taking angles, the weirdest angles usually have the best view of the subject. A good photograph needs to be unique, and if it at eye level or looking straight at the subject it will not look any different from our own view and memory of the place. Go for shots that are from above, below from the best side of your human subject. In corporate portraits this practice is not seen much, for all the family portraits this is the best method to get some gorgeous shots of your family.

iv.                 Patience is key

In some scenarios of taking random shots of people or things, you also end up taking the background of random activity. In some of these there are people bending or yawning and some unexpected photo bombing going in the background of the focus. Make sure to take your time and press the button when there is the least amount of activity. Especially in cases of tourist spots where there are a lot of people milling, taking some burst shots will increase your chances of avoiding unfortunate poses in your photos by other people.

Candid photography is the best way to keep a collection of sweet memories and get some great shots of people, especially in the cases of weddings and parties’ candid photos are the more recognized ones. For more info about professional corporate photography Melbourne, visit http://corporateportraitsmelbourne.com.au/